Rachel is furious with Tam for taking off with her purse, and when Tam doesn’t show the slightest bit of remorse, she calls Brad to get him to share some of the responsibility. Brad reluctantly moves Tam into the motel with him. But they end up arguing, witnessed by an elderly motel guest who becomes concerned for Tam’s safety.

Meanwhile, Brad is going for a job in Yabbie Creek at a Catholic school and enlists the help of the Principal Pat O’Connor to convince the board to give him a fair chance. Little does Brad know that Tam has told the elderly motel guest that he’s her boyfriend, but used to be her teacher, and is holding her against her wishes. The police arrive just as the Principal is giving Brad details of his job interview. Seeing that Brad is involved in another scandal, the Principal tells him there’s no job for him at the Catholic school.

With Sally having difficulty coping with all her responsibilities, Cassie and Ric are on hand to help, although they both separately fail to get Brad to return home. After helping Alf get the caravan park in shape for the school holidays, Ric convinces Cassie to stay on until after her HSC exams, leaving Sally delighted.