Tamara faces some difficult questions

Casey, Kyle and Tamara deliver Nelson to the police station, though Sergeant Emerson has a lot of questions for them. Tamar wants to make a statement linking Nelson to her brother’s death and, though she knows there’s trouble ahead, she feels a huge weight has been lifted from her shoulders. At the beach, Casey and Tamara declare their love for each other and, later, Casey makes his peace with Kyle, thanking him for what he did.

Roo finds it strange that Maddy’s parents haven’t turned up and asks Sergeant Emerson to look into it. Later, he explains that the report of her presence in Summer Bay had reached them but Maddy had threatened to run if they came. Alf suggests they move in with them but is Roo ready to take on the responsibility for the two teenagers?

Jett is confused by the contradictory advice he’s received from John and Liam at the surf club disco but eventually plucks up the courage to ask some girls to dance. His initial forays are unsuccessful but he soon attracts the attention of a girl, Nina, and he starts to enjoy himself.

And Sasha meets Rosie’s little sister at the disco but is left feeling something isn’t quite right.