Tamara pays Casey a visit

Natalie tells Brax that she can’t give up her life for him and they spend what seems like their last night together. Meanwhile, the mysterious Tamara pays Casey a visit and discusses his options, eventually convincing him to face the music back in Summer Bay. She’s gone before Brax and Natalie return, though Casey is able to inform them of his change of mind, to Natalie’s relief.

Wanting John and Gina to get back together, Marilyn arranges for them to have breakfast together, but it ends in another argument with Gina believing Marilyn is the cause of their problems. Later, Marilyn asks John about the breakfast, but John suggests it may be time to move on and tries to kiss her. A shocked Marilyn makes her excuses and runs off.

Dex tells Sasha that he misses the physical intimacy he once had with April, which leads to her telling April about his concerns. Later, April and Dex discuss the matter and decide to reintroduce it to their relationship. However, it’s soon clear that April is uncomfortable with the situation and when Dex doesn’t relent, she pushes him off and storms out.