Tamara’s distress is evident when Leah finds her crying. Her memories have returned and she realises she loves both Casey and Kyle. She tells Kyle she needs some space, but explains she still feels the same about him. Later, Heath tells Tamara that she shouldn’t end up with with Kyle or Casey.

Alf slams Harvey when questioned about the sale of the Blaxland, and suggests that Harvey is lazy. Marilyn finds Sally and assures her that Harvey didn’t mean what he said. Roo apologises to Sally on Harvey’s behalf, but Sally doesn’t want them to sell the Blaxland, as she knows how much the boat means to them.

After convincing Spencer to forge ahead with Sasha, Harvey takes some of his own advice and gets a brilliant idea – he thinks he knows a buyer for the Blaxland. His friend Winston!

Spencer puts a date with Sasha on hold to check on Maddy, who’s been upset about Casey. Later, Sasha’s pleased when Spencer tells her it’s time to speed things up, and Indi is grossed out to see her sister and Spencer engaging in a public displays of affection. However, the love bubble is burst when Chris arrives back in the Bay hoping to win back Indi.