Tamara wants Casey to run!

Brax is furious that Casey’s going to have to go back to prison and accuses Zac of giving a false promise to get Casey to testify against Courtney. Brax tells Casey he has two options: prison or run, and Tamara is for running. Casey, however, insists he’s going to follow the rules and prepares to face the music in prison. Just as he prepares to leave, Zac pulls up with good news – Casey’s free!

Hugely relieved, they all set off for a drink but soon after Natalie joins them, Zac leaves. She follows him and soon discovers that to secure Casey’s release, Zac has lost his job. Meanwhile, inspired by Casey’s resolve, Tamara decides to return to school… and wear the uniform.

Noticing Rosie is miserable, Natalie suggests she gives Sasha some space. If she sees Rosie enjoying her life Sasha may want to be friends again. Natalie also suggests to Sasha that Rosie could help with her petition against sexism in school, but Rosie’s negative reaction stuns Sasha. Rosie seems to have taken Natalie’s advice a little too far.

Romeo returns from his specialist appointment, keeping up the front of being at a conference. He distracts Indi from her questioning with the gift of a bracelet but soon gets a call from the hospital. Later, he meets with Sid who has devastating news: the cancer is well progressed and he may only have weeks to live…