Tamara’s headache leads to heartbreak

Tamara reveals she has a headache and Nate books her in for an MRI. The test reveals that Tamara has a small bleed in her brain close to the optic nerve and it’s possible she could go blind. When Zac asks Nate about Tamara she overhears and is scared. Consumed by guilt, Oscar confesses to Zac that he was the one driving the car.

Mark thinks Phoebe shouldn’t be with Kyle, nor be in Summer Bay. When Kyle tries to convince Mark that he’s a good guy, Mark reveals that he knows about Kyle’s criminal past but he’s surprised to learn that Phoebe already knows.

Phoebe tells Mark there’s nothing he can say, she’s going to stay with Kyle. Mark offers Kyle $50,000 to break-up with Phoebe but when Kyle tries to hand the money back, Mark drives off. With no other choice, Kyle brings the money home and tries to hide it.

Sasha arrives back in the Bay to find that she has won a creative writing award and her piece has been published in the local paper. She arrives at the farm house to ask if she can interview Zac about the accident but Evelyn shuts the door in her face.