Sasha is seething at Tamara’s arrival, particularly as she thought she wasn’t even a real person. Casey learns that his lawyers have tracked her down and takes her home to meet Brax. While there, however, Tamara’s shocked to see Kyle and immediately attacks him.

Then, when she realises he’s one of the Braxtons she refuses to take the stand. Later, Brax tracks Tamara down and tells her he realises she’s in some kind of trouble. If she takes the stand for Casey, Brax promises his whole family will help her, whatever mess she’s in.

Leah notices that things are going missing or being misplaced at home and starts to think that Jamie is responsible. She keeps VJ off school just in case and, again, warns Jamie off.

Natalie asks Brax to have a word with Adam but that word turns nasty when Adam slaps his son, just as Bianca arrives. Jamie’s unperturbed, however, and breaks in in the middle of the night to watch Leah sleeping.

April confronts Bianca, telling her that she’s not dealing with Rocco’s death but Bianca tells her to mind her own business. Later, April turns up at one of Adam’s parties and Bianca isn’t impressed. After an argument, Bianca finally breaks down and reveals the hurt she’s feeling over her son’s death.