Tamara’s sticking around

Returning home from his jail stint, Casey is shocked to find that Kyle’s moved in and Brax has arranged for him to move into Leah’s place. Things don’t get any better when he turns up to work to find that Brax has given his shift to Tamara and, in a fury, Casey quits. Brax tries to explain but Casey won’t listen. Later, however, Natalie gets him to see that his brother’s just trying to cope with everything the best way he can. Casey apologises to Brax and promises to try to get a grip on his life.

Tamara’s staying in town, to Sasha’s annoyance, and is looking for work. She tries to smooth things out with her rival but Sasha doesn’t seem that interested and when Sasha produces a birthday cake for Casey, Tamara is driven to confront Casey at his new home – she’s not giving up on him…

Colleen believes Harvey’s contracted chicken pox from Lottie, though he swears he feels fine, but this means Colleen and Morag are likely to be staying longer. Alf, meanwhile, seeks refuge in his new mp3 player.