Tam’s mother returns

Brad’s dinner party gets off to a rocky start, with Rachel’s meal a total disaster. Despite the chaos, she and Brad are pleased to see how much fun Tam is having. But their good mood is interrupted by the arrival of Tam’s mum Heather, fresh out of rehab, with plans to move away with Tam. Although she’s pleased her mother is out of the retreat, Tam worries that she might succumb to her old demons.

Meanwhile, Brad and Rachel are also concerned about Heather’s plans, but feel powerless to intervene. However, when Heather realises how happy Tam is in the Bay, she decides to stick around. Brad offers her a room and cash to help her settle, but after a talk with Dan, he realises the loan might be too much of a temptation for Heather. He seeks her out and is stunned to find her in a pub, gambling. Has Heather returned to her old ways?

Also, Cassie comes clean to Belle about her secret plans to travel overseas with Henk. But she’s in turmoil over how to break the news to Sally. And despite rejecting Viv’s advances, Ric finds himself drawn closer to her.

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