Jack warns Tam’s mother Heather that he’ll have to arrest Tam if he catches her stealing again. Later, Brad and Rachel are stunned when Tam and Heather turn up and announce that Tam is in fact Rachel and Brad’s half sister.

Heather explains that she had an affair with their dad for years, but when she got pregnant, he immediately broke up with her and insisted on the child being kept a secret. Heather admits she’s come to ask for help, as she’s suffering from a gambling addiction and needs someone to look after Tam while she goes into rehab for six weeks. Brad and Rachel point out that they don’t have the time to look after a teenager. However, their negative attitude leads Tam to run off.

Meanwhile, Rory is distraught when a school bully steals the watch Jack gave him. But he’s thrilled when Tam turns up, offers to get the watch back for him and ends up successfully confronting the bully. They bond, but the moment is broken when Rachel arrives.

When they return home, they discover that Heather has taken matters into her own hands and left the Bay without a forwarding address, leaving Rachel and Brad to look after Tam.