Tamwar accuses Fatboy of stealing

Fatboy encourages Tamwar not to give up when he’s fed up with his market job. When Fatboy suspects Masood is lying about why he’s not in work, he checks Tamwar’s University fund only to find the tin empty. Walking in on Fatboy, a horrified Tamwar assumes Fatboy has stolen it. Knowing it’s Masood by the guilty look on his face, Fatboy takes the heat, not wanting to upset Tamwar by revealing his dad’s a thief!

Mick, Shirley and Tina return to The Vic the worse for wear after celebrating getting the money from Stan. Mick treads carefully around Shirley, realising that seeing Stan has affected her more than she’ll admit. With Stan’s words playing on her mind, Shirley tells the Carters she wants all of the money she got for them – or her name above The Vic door.

Keen on the dog breeding plan, Linda takes precautions against accidental pregnancies by fitting Lady Di with knickers! Embarrassed when she bumps into Dexter as she takes the dog for a walk, Nancy removes the underwear. Disaster strikes when Tramp and Lady Di get frisky… and Dexter is horrified when a stressed Nancy has a seizure.