Tamwar and Afia get married!

Afia is stunned when Masood accuses her of having boyfriends before Tamwar. Afia accuses Masood of trying to ruin her reputation and her relationship. Afia runs off and Tamwar tells Masood that he’ll cut all ties with him if he doesn’t apologise. Tamwar has had enough of their families. He asks Jodie and Darren to go to the mosque with him and Afia as they are going to get married! The couple return to the Square and spend their first night as husband and wife in Syed and Christian’s empty flat.

At Aunt Sal’s, Ronnie agrees to talk to Jack alone. Ronnie insists that their marriage breakdown isn’t down to him, but she clams up when he wants to know the real reason behind her anguish. Jack tells Ronnie he needs her and she agrees to come home. Back in Walford, Roxy tells Jack that she’s worried for Ronnie as she clearly isn’t stable.

Roxy goes to the salon and is surprised to discover it’s been shut all day. Michael turns up and Roxy realises that he knows more than he’s letting on. Michael convinces Roxy that her priorities are her relationships and her family and convinces her to off-load the salon on Tanya.