Nancy is stunned by Masood’s bombshell about wanting to travel with them. Encouraging Tamwar to stand his ground, Nancy insists he tell Masood that they want to do this alone. Although Mick has a word with Masood, Nancy, feeling awkward, tells Masood it’s fine if he comes along. Convincing Masood otherwise, Mick is relieved for his daughter when Masood tells them he won’t be travelling with them.

Instead, Masood asks Tamwar to drop off Kamil with Zainab. After reading out his speech about Nancy, Tamwar and Nancy share a tearful farewell with their friends and families and head off on their travels.

Denise takes revenge on Louise for stealing from the Minute Mart by putting a photo of her up in the shop, calling her a thief. When Sharon sees the poster, she convinces Denise to take it down. Phil thanks Sharon for her help.

Buster rounds up a men’s team to challenge the ladies at darts, but Shirley has a secret weapon – ace darts player Babe! Meanwhile, Stacey puts aside her fears to encourage Martin to take a building job away from the Square after a tip-off from Andy. Denise gets a surprise visit from an upset Libby.