Tamwar is mugged by a gang!

Tamwar is told to get tough with the stallholders by market supervisor Mr Garner, as they’ve not been paying their pitch money on time. Tamwar enforces the rules then sees off a gang causing trouble in the market. Returning to the office with the money, he’s beaten up by the gang and robbed. Gang leader Kane visits Liam, thanking him for the tip off and handing him his cut of Tamwar’s money belt.

Kirsty tells Max they need to make some sacrifices to get a place of their own. Annoyed when Roxy turns her down for a pay rise, Kirsty moans to Kat, who suggests she try a drinking game that she can’t lose. When Kirsty sees Max giving Abi some cash, she decides to try the drinking game, starting with Tyler as her first mark. Max is not impressed.

Ian asks Denise for dinner after encouragement from Patrick. Alfie correctly guesses a cheerful Ian has a new woman, and as a bit of banter unwittingly asks Denise what she thinks about Ian. When an embarrassed Denise blurts out that Ian is no oil painting, Ian is genuinely hurt. Ian agrees it’s for the best when a sheepish Denise asks if he wants to cancel their dinner date.