Tamzin spills a shady secret!

Paramedic Jeff (Matt Bardock) is less than pleased to be partnered with clumsy colleague Tamzin when his regular co-worker – and wife – Dixie swaps shifts with the young, eager-to-please paramedic.

Jeff, who still holds a grudge against Tamzin (Gemma Atkinson) for breaking his favourite mug months ago, is like a bear with a sore head over the pairing. But he doesn’t have time to be grumpy for long when they receive a call to tend to an abandoned baby.

Baby rescued and admitted to hospital, their next call-out is to a strip club where Tyler, one of the dancers, has collapsed. Tamzin is openly hostile to the club’s pushy proprietor Shelia (Family Affairs’ Jemma Walker) who isn’t particularly helpful and very mouthy! The paramedics suspect drugs may be involved, but Sheila insists she runs a strict zero tolerance policy. Tamzin’s not convinced, however, and when Sheila wants to accompany Tyler to hospital, Tamzin claims there’s no room in the ambulance…

Meanwhile, anti-social doctor Dylan Keogh is literally left holding the baby! When the distressed infant is admitted to Holby someone has to look after her – and Clinical Lead gives Dylan the task. Initially unsettled with his new role, the normally dour doctor ends up bonding with his pint-sized patient!

Later, back at the hospital, the normally bubbly and mild-mannered Tamzin loses her cool with Jeff when he makes assumptions about Tyler’s life. Soon after their exchange it emerges Tyler is the mother of the baby they brought in earlier. When baby Lucy’s condition takes a turn for the worse, Tamzin realises there might be a clue in Tyler’s handbag – but Sheila has stolen it!

Tamzin races out into the car park and, with Jeff’s help, stops Shelia from leaving. There’s a showdown between the two women and Jeff looks on aghast as Tamzin makes a shocking revelation in the heat of the moment…

She used to be a dancer at one of Shelia’s clubs!