So, David goes to see Tania at her home for the quiet talk she wanted about his cleaning contracts. But when he gets there he’s stunned to find she’s dressed more for pillow talk than a business meeting and makes it clear she wants to bed him. What he doesn’t know is that Tania has captured everything on film. What is she up to?

There’s not much real happiness in Nicola’s world right now but she’s determined to pretend that everything is wonderful. Yes, she’s got a beautiful daughter, a good man and her own wedding coming up, but it’s all overshadowed by her big day in court that is looming. Laurel tries to get Nicola to talk about what might happen in court, but the bride-to-be-who-might-not-be has her head buried deep in denial. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the whole nasty business will go away.

Despite Doug’s wishful thinking, Charlie won’t go away, either. In fact, he’s got a new sports car to flash about… and Doug is looking like a green-eyed monster. Not pretty.

It’s going to get ugly, too, when Paddy finds out that Rhona is the rival bidder for the vet’s practice that is up for sale.

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