Greg tells Zac he fears a bomb is in school, and a SWAT team arrives. With Greg still inside, Evelyn receives a text that reads: “Tell no one or I press the button.” Evelyn sneaks off and has a confrontation with Tank. Maddy notices she’s missing and, when Zac and Greg find her, they see Tank crying in her arms.

Evelyn heads to the hospital and is surprised when Andy apologises and asks her to attend a meeting with Dr.Griffin. However, they are both shattered when Dr. Griffin says that they need to think about turning off Josh’s life support machine.

Roo is anxious about Maddy and her exams. Unable to sit still, Alf gives her food for thought when he suggests that she moves back in with them. Meanwhile, Dr. Griffin tells Hannah that due to the lack of progress with Josh, they will have to run some more tests. Later, Hannah feels helpless as she watches Andy visiting Josh.