Oscar, Leah and Zac discuss Evelyn’s new relationship and they all admit something isn’t quite right. Tank flirts with Maddy and when she tells Evelyn, the pair comes to blows. Maddy then blurts out that Evelyn has had sex in front of Oscar and the row escalates. Afterwards, Leah encourages Evelyn to put her exams before her love life. Evelyn tells Tank they should take a break, but he doesn’t take the news well.

Phoebe and Kyle are struggling to write eulogies for their unborn children. At the service, Phoebe delivers a touching speech and decides to play a song dedicated to the twins.

During the memorial, Ricky looks longingly at Nate; heartbroken she’s missed her chance. However, Kat notices Ricky’s longing looks towards Nate, and decides to extend an olive branch to her love rival.