Maddy decides to make peace with Evelyn. Meanwhile, Oscar reveals Tank and Evelyn have had unprotected sex and Zac hits the roof, telling Evelyn to end the relationship. However, a smitten Evelyn refuses and gets closer to the bad boy, who reveals a new tattoo inspired by her. When Evelyn tells Tank her family doesn’t approve, he comes up with a plan to get Leah and Zac off their backs….

Oscar and Maddy comes to blows when he calls her ‘easy’. Upset, Maddy storms off and it’s up to Matt to reunite the pair; which he successfully does, even though he’s pining for Maddy.

Charlotte is struggling with her guilt; especially when she checks Denny’s Facecloud page and sees a message from Evelyn. However, Charlotte starts to unravel when she sees Denny’s ghost staring back at her in the mirror. Falling apart and wanting a distraction she ends up sleeping with Matt.