Tank threatens his father

On the beach, Greg sees Tank, who demands some money and a getaway car. When Greg refuses, Tank makes a nasty threat. The following morning the students prepare to sit their exams, but Greg gets a nasty shock when he sees a hand-written note on his computer screen: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BOOM!

Trystan continues to put pressure on Charlotte to help find Brax. She looks for Hunter but bumps into Matt and pair suffer a case of crossed wires when he thinks she wants a steamy session. Later, Charlotte drums up conversation with Kyle, in a bid to get some information on Brax.

Leah finds Hunter sleeping rough and takes him home but he soon gets into a fight with Matt and blurts out that Matt and Charlotte are sleeping together. A furious Zac confronts Charlotte and tells her he’s reporting her to the school and Hunter is staying with him. True to his word, Zac tells Greg and Charlotte is sacked.