Tanya wakes up with a blinding hangover and is mortified about her behaviour the night before. She shouts at Sean for letting Max take the kids home with him. Meanwhile, Max tries to convince the girls that Tanya is alcoholic and Jack thinks he’s not playing fair. Tanya realises that Max spiked her drink and she’s furious. Tanya angrily confronts Max in front of a frightened Abi and Lauren.

Ronnie is worried about Roxy as she is still missing and she can’t get in contact with her. Ronnie is relieved when Roxy finally turns up, but she is stunned when Roxy reveals that Jack abducted her. Roxy is determined to take revenge on Jack, but Ronnie tells her to leave things alone and books them last-minute tickets to go on holiday.

Jase is stunned when Ian tells him that he wants him to leave the flat as Christian will be moving in and he squares up to Ian, who quickly scuttles away. Dawn suggests that they move into the Millers. Jase is reluctant, but realises that he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

Also, Honey encourages Peggy to find some romance through the lonely-hearts ads in the Gazette.

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