Tanya begs Sean for help

Tanya is furious that Max has got one over on her yet again and she tells Sean that the only way to be rid of him is to kill him! Sean is alarmed by Tanya’s outburst and he questions his commitment to her when Stacey works out that they are still seeing each other and tells him that Tanya is using him. Sean packs to leave for Spain but Tanya begs him to help her and sets the day to do the deed� Shabnam is still swooning over Jalil and Zainab plots to get them together. Zainab organises it for Shabnam and Jalil to have dinner alone. Zainab leaves a baby monitor in the room and listens in from Arthur’s bench. Jalil makes a call to his girlfriend right next to the baby monitor. Zainab thinks he’s getting fresh with Shabnam and swoops in to break things up! Heather admits to Minty that she can’t Queenie is blackmailing her and has threatened to grass them up to the wedding magazine if she kicks her out. Minty vows to help her and they share a moment and almost kiss, but Queenie interrupts. Also, Phil tricks a scared Shirley into booking an appointment for her biopsy; Jane discovers Ian’s secret. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action