Tanya betrays Sean

Jack is curious when Sean asks him if he’s seen Max and he questions Tanya. A flustered Tanya tells Jack that she and Max have split up again and he buys her sob story. Sean sneaks into the house and Tanya finds him holding Oscar and demands that he leave. Sean tells Tanya that he loves her but he’s left devastated when Tanya insists that she’s not interested and she was using him all along. Roxy is miserable about her birthday as she’s about to turn 30. Christian tries to cheer her up but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Peggy and Ronnie decide to throw a surprise party for Roxy, despite her determination to spend her birthday alone. Christian suggests that he and Roxy get drunk tomorrow night so she won’t even remember her birthday! Chelsea is interested in Jalil and she starts scheming when she finds out that he’s not dating Shabnam. Chelsea flirts with Jalil in the Minute Mart and she’s pleased when he asks her if she’s going to Roxy’s birthday party. Libby has bought a clothes voucher for Yolande’s birthday. Chelsea finds it and pockets it for herself. Also, the Beales continue their search for Lucy. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action