Max sees Greg getting the breakfast supplies in the Minute Mart and sends him off to get Tanya her ‘favourite’ – exotic fruit. Max turns up at Tanya’s and tells her they need to talk about their night together. When Greg gets back, Tanya asks him to pop out again. Max steps from behind the door and they kiss passionately.

Zainab panics when she realises that Yusef slept in her house the previous night. Denise is shocked when she sees Yusef leaving the Masoods’. Zainab picks up Kamil from Masood and invites him to a family meal, along with Tamwar and Afia. Yusef visits Zainab to say he’s leaving the Square. She ushers him out the back door when the family arrive. Denise comes round and reveals Yusef spent the night. Masood storms out, followed by Tamwar and Afia. Zainab is left alone and devastated. Yusef returns and takes her in his arms.

Shirley gets rid of Rainie when she tries to see Phil. Shirley’s angry when Phil goes out after Rainie and takes her to the cafe. Shirley moans to Jay that Phil is Rainie’s sponsor. Jay thinks Shirley should put her foot down. Shirley gives Phil some rules to abide by. Phil reveals he’s bought Shirley the cafe!