Tanya confronts Cora over ‘Ava’

Tanya wants to know more about her sister after finding the mysterious birth certificate in Cora’s belongings. Cora reluctantly agrees to talk to Tanya, telling her that her sister Ava died just after she was born. When Tanya pushes Cora for more answers, sure she’s not hearing the whole truth, a defensive Cora orders Tanya out. Later, Cora snaps when Tanya finds her burning the birth certificate. As Tanya leaves, a tear courses down Cora’s cheek…

When Zainab finds Masood suited and booted he’s forced to confess he has an interview for a teaching assistant job. Zainab can’t understand why Masood would leave his steady job as a postie to embark on a new career. The interview goes well, but when Masood returns home he realises how much the wedding and Tamwar’s college fees are going to cost. Sacrificing his dream he tells Zainab he didn’t get the job.

Lola is feeling the strain of having a new baby to look after. Tired and edgy, she resents having to leave her daughter to do her community service. Lola causes a scene when she clashes with her probation officer over sweeping the Walford streets. When Billy and Ben turn up with baby Lexi, Lola calms down, happy to have her baby near her.