Tanya tries to subtly ask Jack about his money but doesn’t get any answers. Meanwhile, Jack gets a call from his ex, Selena, who suggests that he meets up with her and Penny. Jack is angry when Selena refuses to rearrange when Jack insists he’s working. Tanya asks Jack whether Selena is trying to punish him for something but he won’t take the bait and Tanya considers secretly seeing Selena herself…

Whitney is upset when Tony blanks her. Tony is still angry that Whitney is doing the play but he realises the advantages when Bianca encourages him to help Whitney rehearse. Whitney reminds Tony they won’t need excuses to be together soon as they can run away as soon as she’s 16….

Peggy brags to Pat about the professional photographer coming to take the family photo. But Peggy is forced to confront the truth about her warring family when Suzy points out that none of the Mitchells get on. The family manage to gather for the photograph, including a sulky Ronnie. When the photographer cancels Peggy swallows her pride and asks Pat to take the snap.

Also, Callum upsets Danielle; Stacey plays reluctant mum to Oscar for the day; Archie gives Phil one of his dad’s boxing trophies.