Tanya confronts Max

Tanya is still in shock after finding Max’s mystery jewellery receipt and when she turns up for work at the salon she confides in Preeti. Max is unaware that his affair with Stacey is on the verge of being found out and he prepares himself for his marriage counselling session with Tanya.

Meanwhile, a gossiping Preeti tells a stunned Stacey all about Tanya’s discovery. At the counselling session, Tanya confronts Max with the receipt and accuses him of playing away. A wily Max whisks out a necklace and insists it was going to be a surprise that she spoiled by finding ‘the receipt’. Later, Max thanks Stacey for tipping him off about Tanya’s discovery…

Elsewhere, Pat, Carly and Deano are in a fix when they realise that they need to pay Phil the rent on the car lot or risk losing it in Kevin’s absence. Pat is at a loss as Kevin has cleared out the business account and the three of them can’t raise enough cash to pay for it themselves.

Pat tries to get a loan from the bank, but she has no luck and she despondently tells Carly and Deano that they’ll have to close the business. But they have a last minute reprieve when Phil agrees to wait for the rent until they get themselves sorted out.

Ben feels let down by Phil yet again when Phil cancels their day out to deal with a job at the Arches. Meanwhile, Stella is furious when she rips her dress getting up from a chair that has glue on. Ben pleads with Phil that he had nothing to do with it but Phil is at the end of his tether and refuses to believe him. He tells a miserable Ben to get out of his sight.

Also, Bert tries to get on Yolande’s good side.

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