Anthony and Tyler are in charge of the Vic and Shirley persuades the lads to have a lock in. Tanya is desperate to forget about her cancer and knocks back the drinks with Lauren. Carol thinks Tanya’s gone too far when she starts helping herself to drinks. Carol thinks Tanya is pining for Max. Tanya is oblivious when the police arrive and she asks who ordered the stripper! Alfie turns up and apologises to the police, promising to sort out Tanya.

Janine is shocked when Pat reveals all about the car lot insurance job and the death of the homeless man. Janine thinks Frank went off the rails over keeping such a devastating secret and is upset that she was never told. Michael finds a distressed Janine. She wonders if she’s unloveable. Michael tells Janine that he loves her and encourages her to accept his words when she tries to laugh it off.

Meanwhile, Phil tells Rainie about the car lot fire. He reveals that Shirley doesn’t know and he wants to keep it that way. Rainie reassures Phil that he can talk to her because she will never judge him and they kiss. Pat walks in on them. She tells Phil that Janine definitely isn’t behind the stalking.