Tanya gets hold of an illicit mobile in prison from her cellmate and calls Max and tells him to visit. When a smug Max turns up Tanya wipes the smile off his face by angrily telling him that she wants him to stop accusing Jack of trying to kill him – she was driving the car. Later, Jack visits Tanya and he is left devastated when Tanya finishes with him.

Vinnie and Shirley prepare to leave the Square for the rally drive. Vinnie has discovered Phil’s watch next to Shirley’s bed and he quietly hands it to Callum and asks him to return it. Vinnie and Shirley drive out of the Square, but Vinnie soon pulls over and tells Shirley to return and sort things out with Phil. Meanwhile, Callum takes great delight in handing Phil back his watch in front of a horrified Suzy and making it clear where it was found!

Tony tells Whitney they will have to delay their move to Spain, as he hasn’t got the money for the plane tickets. Whitney searches for her passport and she’s horrified when it’s missing. Meanwhile, Tony has Whitney’s passport and drops it in a bin….

Also, Sean and Roxy anxiously watch over Amy in hospital.

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