Tanya and Max exit the consultant’s room with tears in their eyes – Tanya is clear of cancer! A still fearful Tanya confesses to Lauren she was sure it would be bad news. Lauren tells Tanya not to live her life dreading the worst when Tanya confesses she still feels she’s on borrowed time. Tanya, realising Lauren is right, takes an axe to the sofa saying it was her prison while she was ill, but not any more!

After Ben does a runner from Phil in the prison visiting room, Ian plans to tell Phil that Ben admitted to lying about Stella. Ian changes his mind when Phil physically intimidates him. Ian returns home and reminds Ben that it’s not too late for him to do the right thing. Ian is disappointed when Ben doesn’t confess when Marsden visits. Ian wonders whether he can go along with such a terrible lie.

Andrew thinks Rose is about to tell Heather about his past and braces himself for the consequences. Andrew is surprised when Rose instead tells Heather that Andrew’s ‘secret’ is that he used to wet the bed. Andrew feels guilty about not being straight with Heather. He confesses he recently came out of prison for committing GBH. Heather is horrified…