Greg tells Tanya and Cora that he’s bought a car for Lauren as a surprise. Greg is taken aback when Tanya snaps at him and says she should be buying the car, not him. Max is just as miffed when he hears the news. Max arranges to meet with Tanya at the bedsit for a drink so they can calm their nerves before they tell everyone they’re together.

Max heads to the bedsit to wait for Tanya. Cora calls Tanya to say she’s had to take Oscar to the doctor’s after a minor accident. Tanya turns up at the surgery and Yusef asks her if she’s had an important letter from the health service. Tanya has the letter in the bag. She opens it and is stunned to learn she’s had an abnormal smear, which could mean cancer…

Kat realises that Jean is miserable about Norman getting together with Pat. She vows to help out jean and encourages her to start a campaign to save the community centre to get Norman’s attention. Jean suggests that she and Norman dress up as Pearly Queen and King for a fundraising fete. Jean is gutted when Norman insists that Pat is already his Queen.