Tanya goes to hospital alone

Tanya is scheduled in for her keyhole surgery on her cervical cancer. She can’t bring herself to confide in Rainie. Tanya heads to the hospital alone. The doctor suggests she stay overnight but she refuses. After recovering from the operation Tanya returns home. She’s overwhelmed to see Rainie with the girls and Oscar, as it’s a poignant reminder of what life would be like for her children if she died. Tanya slips out to the empty salon where she breaks down and cries.

Darren wakes up next to Lauren. Unknown to them, someone has seen them. Darren and Lauren agree that their drunken liaison was a mistake. Darren thinks the wedding is off and is surprised when Jodie says she wants to marry him. Darren and Jodie have their stag and hen nights. Poppy finds out Darren slept with Lauren and spills the beans. Jodie says she already knows – she saw them together.

Darren’s brother Mickey is at the stag do. Mickey talks Mandy into stripping. Phil takes some snaps as possible future blackmail material. The stag crowd go back to Faith’s house. Whitney leaves to see Tyler, who has woken up in hospital. Faith tells Fat Boy he chose the wrong sister and drags him to bed!