Tanya has a visit from Greg!

Lauren’s worried about Tanya and calls Greg for help. Tanya is stunned when Greg turns up in the Square. Tanya tells Greg she has cancer, but a spineless Greg says he can’t deal with the situation and walks out. Lauren insists they don’t need Greg. Lauren brushes Tanya’s hair and is horrified when the hairbrush is full of hair – Tanya’s hair is falling out. Lauren throws the brush in the bin and flees to Poppy’s party

Tyler hides his jealousy when Whitney arrives at the party with Fat Boy. Tyler confesses to Whitney he can’t stop thinking about her, but Whitney says she’s better off with Fat Boy. A miserable Tyler tries to kiss Lauren but, upset about Tanya, she pushes him away. Lauren returns home and finds the hairbrush on the table and Tanya wanting to talk. It’s all too much and Lauren returns to the party and leads Tyler to the bedroom.

Ben feigns an injury in front of Christian and is pleased when Christian takes him back to his flat to go through some warm-up exercises. Syed teases Christian that Ben fancies him. Christian is dismissive, but wonders if Syed is right when Ben gives him a copy of his favourite film.

Also, Ian proposes properly to Mandy and she accepts.