Tanya arrives in the Square with her new boyfriend, Greg, and he heads off to the Vic barrel store for a drink while Tanya talks to Lauren. Tanya soon works out that Lauren is suffering from a broken heart. Meanwhile, Greg bonds with Max in the Vic, neither of them realising whom the other is.

Lauren tells Tanya that Max has been moping around and is missing Vanessa. It’s Vanessa’s birthday and Jodie and Darren have taken her for a birthday lunch. Tanya interrupts and tells Vanessa that Max obviously wants to be with her. Jodie realises that Vanessa is unhappy with Harry and gives Vanessa her blessing. Vanessa meets up with Max and is touched when he gives her a present and birthday card and they share a passionate kiss.

Alfie needs to give Phil the rent money for the Vic and makes a mysterious phone call. Kat gets a job on Stacey’s stall and has a run in with Bianca. Meanwhile, Phil demands his cash from Alfie and in the nick of time Alfie’s cousin Michael arrives with a loan for Alfie. Kat sees Michael and stares at him, stunned…

Also, Janine forgives Ryan and they are reunited.

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