Tanya is menaced by Sean

Tanya glams herself up for lunch with the girls at Jack‘s house, but she bumps into Sean and he menacingly tells her that he will kill the next man that gets close to her! Jack teaches the girls a few dance moves for the school disco and pulls Tanya in for a dance. The atmosphere between them is electric. Later, Sean sees Tanya saying goodbye to Jack and blocks her path…

Heather is over the moon after her kiss with Minty and she buys some sexy lingerie to impress him. Minty realises that there’s no spark between him and Heather and Garry urges him to confess. Minty arranges to meet Heather for lunch, but when he doesn’t arrive Heather turns up at the flat and finds Minty and Garry playing spin-the-bottle with two air hostesses!

Roxy is stunned when Jean invites her to a family lunch at the Slaters and panics that Jean may know about the baby. Roxy storms over to the Slaters to confront Sean and tell him she doesn’t want him involved with the baby, but she stays quiet when she realises Sean is equally as confused about her invite.

Also, Darren worries that Libby has a thing going on with Tamwar and he tells him to back off; Chelsea is stunned when Patrick invites her father, Lucas, for her birthday dinner; Masood returns to Walford.

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