Tanya goes to the hospital to collect her test results. Tanya is devastated when the consultant breaks the news that she has cancer. Tanya returns home in shock. She finds a photograph of the children and breaks down.

Whitney is still upset about Ryan and Lauren’s betrayal. Lee persuades her to go bowling and they have a great date. Lee and Whitney share a kiss. After the date, Lauren tries to talk to Whitney, but she wants nothing to do with her. Whitney replies to a text from Lee. Whitney doesn’t realise that standing next to Lee is Rob, who says he’ll take over things from now on… Meanwhile, Lauren’s gutted when Ryan dumps her.

It’s the day of the charity fete and Jean is miserable that Norman has asked Pat to be his Pearly Queen for the day. Alfie tells Jean that if she wants to be Pearly Queen he’ll sort it out for her. Norman and Pat turn up at the fete in their costumes. Jean exits the Vic in her own Pearly Queen outfit. Pat is furious and storms off!

Also, Dot decides to make a ‘bucket list’ of things to do before she dies.