Tanya leaves the Square!

Tanya packs a suitcase, intending to leave Walford. When Abi catches her, she realises Max knows nothing about her plan to flee and begs Tanya to tell him. Meanwhile, Kirsty pleads with Max not to leave her after finding out that she lied about being pregnant. Max makes it clear to a devastated Kirsty that it’s over between them, storming out of the flat.

With Max at the door, Tanya is forced to let him in. Before she can say anything to him, he reveals that Kirsty lied she was pregnant. Telling Tanya that she is and always has been the one he wants, Max is on his way to convincing Tanya to get back with him. Attempting to bundle him out of the door, Abi interrupts, forcing Tanya to confess she’s leaving.

Tanya explains to a horrified Max that they are toxic around each other and for the sake of the kids they need to be apart. Max realises that the love of his life is about to go and there’s nothing he can do about it. Tanya tells Max that she’s taking Lauren and Oscar with her. As they say goodbye, it’s clear that the love between them will never really die.