Tanya meets up with Max and instead of telling him that she might have cancer, she tells him that she can’t go through with their relationship and she needs to be alone. Max returns to Vanessa, breaks down in tears and tells her he doesn’t love her. Lauren is horrified by what’s happening and tells Vanessa that Max has been bedding Tanya for months.

Meanwhile, Greg is waiting at home for Tanya so they can go off on their Mexico holiday. Greg’s stunned when Tanya tells him she’s not going on holiday as they need time apart. Greg answers the doorbell and is confronted by a furious Vanessa, who bursts in and punches Tanya for sleeping with Max. Now that Greg knows the truth he leaves for Mexico alone, vowing that Tanya will hear from his solicitors.

Lauren tells Abi not to blame Tanya and insists that Max is up to his old tricks, wrecking everyone’s lives. Lauren packs up Max’s belongings and tells him to leave. Max finds Tanya and asks her if she’s shutting him out like the girls. Max leaves when Tanya lies she doesn’t love him. Tanya has a change of heart, but it’s too late as Max has left the Square…