Tanya makes up her mind

Tanya has a change of heart about Jack and goes to find him to apologise for turning him out, but when she sees Bradley’s boss Maggie flirting with him she angrily accuses Jack of being as bad as Max. Tanya later apologises to Jack, who accuses her of still holding a candle for Max. Tanya insists that her love for Max is dead and they kiss passionately…

Chelsea turns down Clare when she invites her out for a drink. But when Jordan catches Chelsea snorting some coke she escapes with Clare to R&R. Chelsea is frustrated when Clare tells her she can’t lend her any cash. Chelsea flirts with Bradley’s work colleagues and goes back to flash Piers’ flat for more coke.

Bianca is dressed as a King Prawn for the Fishmongers’ party. But she has the last laugh when Jane has to don a trout outfit! Bianca is angry when she thinks Jane is slacking and they have a ‘fish’ fight. Bianca ends up at the police station in her outfit when she’s called in after Whitney gets into a fight with some girls.

Also, Bradley books the VIP room at R&R to impress Maggie and gets a kiss on the cheek – but is she after more?

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