Tanya tells Sean the extent of her plan to take revenge on Max. She admits that she’s going to take Max back, then take him for everything he’s got and run away with Sean. Tanya meets with Max and tells him that she’ll take him back but only if he signs over all his assets to prove that she can trust him. Sean is uncomfortable with Tanya’s plan, but he agrees not to spoil it. Stacey confronts Steven about the sketches of herself that she found in his sketchbook. Steven is shocked that she thinks he’s stalking her and he shows her that he has sketches of all the people he knows. Stacey reluctantly agrees to go for the interview at the art college that Steven has set up for her, but she’s afraid that they will sneer at her for working on a market stall. Phil disappoints Ben when he tells him that he is too busy to go to his parents’ evening. Shirley persuades Phil to go to the evening and offers to come with him. Shirley wickedly embarrasses Phil by pretending to be his girlfriend, but it gives Ben food for thought. Also, Bradley organises a job interview; Heather and Minty are determined to win the wedding competition. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action