Tanya returns to the Square

Max tries to organise a homecoming for Tanya and he encourages Jane to come round to the house. But Tanya is in a furious mood when she arrives back in the Square and tells Max she knows that Lauren has gone into care. Max tries to explain, but Tanya throws him out and tells Jane that she has let her down.

Janine is taken aback when Pat asks her to go on holiday with her and tells her that hell will freeze over first! Janine goes to R&R to see Ronnie about a job and is delighted when Ronnie agrees, but she’s left furious when Ronnie makes it clear she’ll be helping Billy with the cleaning. A miffed Janine steals Peggy’s purse and packs to go on holiday with Pat, but she just misses Pat as she leaves for the airport. Peggy realises that Janine has stolen her purse and vows revenge.

Ian is keen to remortgage, but he’s disappointed when he learns that it will cost him a fortune in fees. Jane is stunned when Ian tells her that he’s going to pull the plug on his business with Christian as he can’t afford to keep him afloat.

Also, Stacey feels she’s let down Jean; Jay argues with Janine and Billy has to intervene.

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