Tanya is evasive when Carol confronts her about her drinking binge with Lauren and is relieved when they’re interrupted by Rainie. Shirley turns up to confront Rainie, suspicious that Rainie is Phil’s stalker. Tanya’s at her limit and she loses her temper with Shirley and throws her out. Later, Tanya faces awkward questions from Yusef when he wants to know why she’s missed three weeks of chemo and radiotherapy sessions.

Billy is worried when he learns Lola has been skipping school. Billy tells Lola that she’s smart and if she goes back to school she could make something of herself. Lola promises to return to school, but out of sight of Billy, Lola takes a pregnancy test out of her bag…

Alfie ropes in Tyler and Anthony to help him sell Christmas trees in a bid to keep himself busy to forget about his troubles with Kat. Meanwhile, Kat is feeling miserable about Alfie’s reaction to her confession. She tells Kim that it’s not right that Alfie doesn’t want to know if she’s ever unfaithful again. Kim tells Kat that Alfie loves her, but Kat isn’t so sure.

Also, Dot and a hurt Reverend Stevens find Patrick sneaking out of Rose’s bedroom!