Tanya is down after discovering Sean’s betrayal and she refuses to accept his apologies. Sean blows up at a guilty Stacey for ruining his romance with Tanya and she approaches Tanya to try to help – but Tanya doesn’t want any advice from Stacey! Tanya is later shocked when her sister Rainey turns up in the Square and she bursts into tears.

Ronnie wants to know why Phil hit Jack and he explains that he saw Louise calling another man ‘daddy’. Ronnie doesn’t think that Phil should blame Jack, but Phil is sure that Jack knew and set him up. Ronnie confronts Jack and tells him that she doesn’t care about him and Phil, but Louise is in the middle of their games.

Shirley is shocked when Heather blurts out that she thinks Vinnie is married. Vinnie turns up at Shirley’s flat and she slams the door in his face. Vinnie tries to explain that the woman Heather saw him with was his daughter not his wife. But it’s clear that Vinnie is hiding another secret when a man turns up and demands his car and house key back. Vinnie has been living a lie!

Also, Darren finds it hard coping without Kevin.

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