Tanya turns to the bottle

Tanya has a spat with Sean and he accuses her of using him. But Tanya has the divorce on her mind and she is frustrated when Stacey refuses to give her a statement about her affair with Max. Tanya finds solace in a bottle of wine and passes out on the sofa. She’s mortified when Max brings an upset Abi home after she forgot to pick her up from school.

Jack announces longer opening hours at the club in a bid to wind up the Mitchells and they are angry that Jack is trying to hit the Vic’s takings. Meanwhile, Jack sacks Jase when he refuses to put flyers for the club in the Vic and an upset Jay attempts to key Jack’s car. Jack returns to his flat and discovers it trashed. Who is the culprit?

Max receives a series of anonymous texts and he wonders who is playing games. Clare admits that she’s been sending the texts and innocently tells him that she wanted to talk about investments. Max is suspicious that a flirty Clare is spying on him for Tanya and tells her to back off.

Also, Bradley returns to Walford and tells Stacey that he wants to get their divorce under way.

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