Tanya and Lauren decide to replace Cora’s lost bracelet to cheer her up after Tanya’s disastrous lunch with Cora and Patrick. They borrow Poppy’s key to Cora’s house to look for a photo of her wearing the bracelet so they can find a good replacement. While rummaging through Cora’s things Tanya is stunned to come across a birth certificate for a sister she knew nothing about!

Max has something on his mind and asks Jack if he can borrow some money. As Jack brushes Max off, busy with two air stewardesses he’s having lunch with, Derek’s interest is piqued. When Derek offers him a loan Max declines. Later, Max mysteriously tells a dubious Derek he wants ‘the address’.

Joey turns Alice down when she invites him to lunch to try to get him to make up with Derek. Lauren tricks Joey into going to hers and he’s furious to find Alice and Derek there. When Alice makes a mess of the meal, Derek and Joey step in to help and the ice starts to thaw between them. However, after Alice comments how alike they are, Joey explodes and they’re back to square one!

Also, Masood gives up on his teaching dream.