Kirsty talks a reluctant Abi into coming into the house when she drops by with a bill for Max. Lauren is annoyed when an awkward Abi confesses she accidentally agreed to have Max and Kirsty over for dinner. Things are initially tense but Kirsty breaks the ice and the four are soon laughing together – until Tanya walks through the door!

Kat wakes up in Michael’s bed, regretting spending the night with him. Michael realises Kat’s angry with herself but points out she can’t resist creating drama. Meanwhile, Roxy feels hurt when Alfie worries about how Kat is feeling. When Kat picks up Tommy from the Vic, she has another spat with Roxy. Alfie is stung when Kat reveals she spent the night with Michael and says he’s a real man unlike him.

Masood checks that his date with Carol is still on, suggesting he give her a cooking lesson and then they can enjoy the meal together. Masood asks AJ and Tamwar to make themselves scarce for the evening. When there’s a knock on the door, Tamwar thinks Carol has arrived early but it’s not Carol, it’s Ayesha. Masood is stunned to see her again.