Tanya worries about Max straying

Tanya feels anxious when she receives the date for her next scan. She pushes away Max when he tries to hug her. Tanya is unsettled when she notices Max’s wandering eye – Lucy has stayed over with Lauren and is wearing one of Max’s t-shirts. Tanya confesses to Cora she’s scared she’ll never feel like a woman again. Meanwhile, Max confides in Jack that sex has always been important for him and Tanya and he’s worried their marriage won’t work without it.

Andrew tells Heather he’s got a surprise for the following night. But Heather feels pushed into agreeing to a night out with a downbeat Shirley instead. Heather is shocked by Andrew’s angry outburst when she broaches the subject. Rose tells Andrew to calm down and it’s clear there’s an uncomfortable secret in Andrew’s past…

Derek is stewing about the Mitchells getting one over on the Brannings now that Roxy has custody of Amy. Derek stirs and suggests to Jack that Roxy has already palmed Amy off on a babysitter. Jack storms round to Roxy’s and demands to know where his daughter is. Roxy insists she’s with her. Max calms Jack down when it’s clear Roxy is telling the truth. Jack is angry with Derek for lying.