Tanya’s desperate to get Lauren back

Tanya furiously stuffs Max‘s things into bin bags and when he calls at the house she chucks him the bags and slams the door. Jack also gets a hard time from Tanya, despite his pleas, and he and Max are united in Tanya’s hatred of them. Jack asks Max if he wants to move in with him. Meanwhile, Tanya phones social services to see about Lauren returning home, but she is gutted when she learns that Lauren doesn’t want to come back.

Billy is furious with Janine for stealing Peggy’s purse and tells her he wants her to leave. Janine turns on the crocodile tears and manages to talk Billy round by promising she’ll change her ways. Ronnie pushes Janine’s patience at R&R by giving her the most disgusting jobs she can think of. Janine has had enough and walks out – but not before she’s met the elusive Jack…

Jane is upset with Ian for abandoning Christian’s business and tells him that Christian can’t afford to run it on is own. Jane and Christian beg Ian to reconsider and convince him to give Christian two weeks to turn the business around.

Also, Dot bribes Zainab with tea and cake to help Dotty with her maths homework.

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