Tanya’s faith in Max is shaken

Max pays for Lauren and Peter to clean his car. Lauren finds an earring on the passenger seat and realises that it doesn’t belong to Tanya. Lauren is in a dilemma about whether to show Tanya the earring but when she overhears Tanya telling Jane that Max seems distracted she fears the worst and hands it over to a puzzled Tanya.

Janine tells Ronnie that Archie has been paying her to spy on her and Roxy. Roxy is puzzled when none of the guests arrive for Archie’s housewarming party and she discovers that Ronnie has thrown her own party to scupper the housewarming. Ronnie tells Roxy what Janine told her and when Roxy confronts Archie she realises it’s true. Meanwhile, Janine orders champagne at Ronnie’s party and when Ronnie brings it over she discovers Janine sitting with Joel…

Libby goes to the community centre with Darren. Liz sees them set off and follows them and pretends to have bumped into them by chance once they’re there. Liz invites Libby and Darren for a drink in the Vic. As Liz is leaving, Libby tells her that she doesn’t think they should see each other again.

Also, Dawn is relieved when Minty agrees not to tell Garry about her affair.

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