The Aidensfield locals get religion in the shape of Taoist monks, who are on their way to a monastery in Middlesbrough when their bus breaks down in the village.

Some of the villagers show friendly curiosity but a couple of them see the monks’ misfortune as an opportunity to line their pockets. Brother-and-sister thieving team Julie and and Eddie Tinniswood sneak on to the monks’ bus to steal what they can. But they’re stunned to find an elderly and very sick man… Then, when their dad dies suddenly, a panicked village thinks he caught something from the monk.

But the truth is very different, and is linked to DS Rachel Dawson’s investigation into stolen antiques that have been found with local dealer Mr Brigstocke. When some of the items go missing, Brigstocke claims he’s been burgled but Dawson doesn’t believe him. Her investigation leads her to the Tinniswood family, who are going to learn that their criminal activities will have tragic consequences…

Meanwhile, Peggy and David witness a monk having great success fishing with his bare hands on Ashfordly estate. He claims he’s not poaching as the fish belong to the god of the river. Is that a defence that Peggy and David use?

And Carol gets a letter… the adoption agency has traced her mother.